The world’s only 95PFE reusable medical respirator with no exhalation valve

The safest solution for medical professionals and patients

Filtering air both in and out is critical for maintaining a safe work environment for both healthcare providers and patients. PRECISION AIR™ elastomeric face seal prevents viral transmission and is the safest solution for hospitals, clinics, dentists, fire departments and military.

Cost (and environment) savings calculator

Find out how much money and waste your facility could save by switching to PRECISION AIR™.

Cost estimate based on user data. Cost and savings are not guaranteed and this calculator accounts only for respirator and filter cost comparison vs. disposable N95s. Estimate does not include costs for reprocessing of PRECISION AIR™.

Be safe and be heard

Our large custom filters allow greater air flow, which optimizes acoustic resonance so that your voice will be heard loud and clear while your face will remain cool and comfortable.

Elastomeric face seal for maximum safety and comfort

We believe that safety should not come at the cost of comfort, and have created a mask that fits the needs and faces of care providers. A recent study showed that after one month of using reusable masks, 0 out of 2000 healthcare providers chose to return to using disposable N95 masks!

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PRECISION AIR™ Recycling and Cost Savings White Paper

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