JANUARY 16, 2023 – CTV News London A switch made by St. Joseph’s Health Care London is a safe one for the planet. Masks that are medical grad,  biodegradable and compostable are being worn by hospital staff and visitors. The alternative masks are made from plant-based biopolymers from renewable crop resources with an impressive carbon offset producing 65 per cent less CO2e emissions compared to a synthetic mask over its life cycle.

“We are pleased to lead the way in the province with a switch to a green mask that is a healthy solution for the environment and our care teams,” says Lori Higgs, Vice President Clinical Support and Chief Financial Officer at St. Joseph’s.

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JANUARY 13, 2023 – Blackburn News St. Joseph’s Health Care London is making the move from traditional masks to biodegradable, compostable face coverings. The change makes St. Joseph’s the first hospital in the province to use a green alternative mask.

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JANUARY 15, 2023 – CBC News A hospital in London, Ont. says it’s the first in the province to switch to eco-friendly medical masks. St. Joseph’s Health Care announced Thursday it is now using medical grade masks that are biodegradable, compostable, and cheaper than what they were previously using. The new masks are made from plant-based polymers. Compared to synthetic masks, research shows they’ll produce 65 per cent less CO2 emissions from the time they’re made to the time they decompose in the landfill.

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JANUARY 12, 2023 – Global News St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ont., has become the first hospital in Ontario to use planet-friendly masking in an effort to simultaneously protect the environment along with staff, physicians, patients and visitors.

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JANUARY 31, 2022 – PADM Medical™ had the privilege to be recognized  in the Canadian College of Health Leaders Health Management Forum. The article was published as a case study, reviewing the province of Manitoba’s response to accessing personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies during the first wave of the global coronavirus pandemic. PADM Medical™ was recognized as part of the provincial healthcare supply chain efforts as its business was adapted to use its additive manufacturing and engineering expertise to create CANSWAB™, a 3D-printed Nasopharyngeal (NP) test swab. Within the first year of production, millions of CANSWAB™ were manufactured and distributed to Canadians, making CANSWAB™ the highest-output 3D-printed medical device in the world.

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