Biodegradable* Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

Making a sustainable and brighter future together

Join the Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our biodegradable gloves are an innovation resulting from the intensified effort to conserve and ensure the lasting protection of the planet.

Reduced waste, increased environmental benefits

Efforts need to be made to limit the environmental impact during the disposal stage of gloves. Our biodegradable gloves accelerate the biodegradation process via anaerobic decomposition. The quicker the gloves decompose, the faster they are turned into biogas, water & inert soil.

Minimize greenhouse gas emissions

Using biodegradable materials instead of traditional materials lessens the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Lowering GHG emissions is a standard operating procedure in managing landfills, but more importantly, the focus should also be on the energy recovery aspect. The biodegradation process has the potential to recover 15 billion kWh/year of renewable energy, which is estimated to meet the annual energy consumption of 1.3 million United States households†.

An end-to-end life solution for nitrile gloves

Our biodegradable gloves contain an organic additive which makes the glove a desirable food source to microbes in landfills, leaving behind biogas, water, and inert soil, without compromising product quality. They are an eco- friendly option for use in the medical field to protect patients and users from cross-contamination. Our gloves are designed for use with chemotherapy drugs and are in compliance with North American regulatory bodies.

Our mission

Sustainability is at the core of PADM Medical. Our goal of continual innovation focuses our efforts to bring positive change to people’s lives. Our biodegradable gloves are just one of our green initiatives in helping to create a better environment.

Biodegradable nitrile gloves
Glove disposal

How does it work?

Our biodegradable gloves are a polymerised “food source,” specially formulated to attract microbes found in landfills. This biodegradation method is strictly enzymatic. When bacteria consume the bio-material, they excrete an enzyme that dissolves and de-polymerises the polymer chain, allowing the microbes to break down the remaining polymer naturally.

Glove consumed by microorganisms in landfill
90% biodegradation rate (ASTM D5511)

Validated and proven performance

Proven to Retain Glove Properties

Our gloves do not biodegrade prior to disposal. The unique formulation only allows the biodegradation process to begin when surrounded by microbes present in a landfill environment. Real-time shelf life study results prove that the physical properties remain unchanged up to 3 years.

Real-Time Shelf Life Results Compared to ASTM Requirements

Our biodegradable gloves not only pass but exceed ASTM standards for tensile strength and EN standards for force at break, as well as AQL 1.5 for pinhole.

ASTM Requirement
ensile Strength: 16.0 MPa after aging

Validated Biodegradation Rate

Our biodegrading efficacy has been verified by an independent lab, Eden Research Laboratory, using ASTM D5526 and ASTM D5511 methods

No. Test Method Purpose of Testing Purpose of Testing
1 ASTM D5526 To determine the degree and rate of anaerobic biodegradation of materials in accelerated landfill conditions. This is a long term test that replicates the landfill environment of low heat, high pressure, limited oxygen, no light and low moisture. 21% biodegradation in 41 days.‡
2 G02BV-S To determine the degree and rate of anaerobic biodegradation of materials in high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions, which replicates the anaerobic digester or landfill bioreactor environment. 90% biodegradation in 490 days.‡ (Above results are based on a real-time study.)
Size Packaging
(100/box, 10box/case)
Label color
X-Small G02BV-XS
Small G02BV-S
  Pink/ Rose
Medium G02BV-M
  Green/ Vert
Large G02BV-L
  Blue/ Bleu
X-Large G02BV-XL
  Grey/ Gris

* Product is landfill biodegradable. Glove has been tested per ASTM D5526 (landfill)/ASTM D5511 testing and validates up to a 29.9% biodegradation within 202 days.

† ASCE Library, Life cycle Analysis of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Anaerobic Biodegradation of Municipal Solid Water.

‡ The actual biodegradation rates will vary depending on the landfill conditions and the biological activity of microorganisms surrounding the nitrile gloves.