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Our team is dedicated to helping build a secure North American supply chain for critical viral detection and personal protective equipment.

Our Products Help Save Lives

We’ve delivered millions of products to help protect people.

Precision AIR™

The world’s most advanced
reusable N95-level medical respirator


Procedural ear loop
masks available in ASTM Level 1/2/3


Patient-preferred Nasopharyngeal viral test swabs

Hand Sanitizer

Made-in-Canada hand sanitizer available in various sizes


Made-in-Canada nitrile gloves for healthcare workers

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Four weird and wonderful inventions sparked by the pandemic

We're honoured to have our #biopolymer #green procedural masks mentioned alongside these other incredible inventions which were sparked by the #COVID19 pandemic!

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. @CANHealthNtwrk awarded @PrecisionAdm their "Network Award" today at the #CANHealthAGM!

This recognizes our collaboration with @SharedHealthMB to answer 🇨🇦's #N95 respirator needs with our #PrecisionAIR mask - leveraging #TeamCANHealth to grow.
We support #NationalInfectionControlWeek as a means to draw attention to the need to do our part to control the spread of infection in our communities.

#PrecisionAIR was designed to help prevent the spread of disease by protecting users and those around.
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Our Vision

To innovate the ultimate medical products and prevent the transfer of all communicable diseases.

Our Mission

Provide the most innovative and safest medical devices and infection prevention products to protect and support people’s health and well being.

Innovation for Life™

The world's most advanced reusable N95-level respirator

Combining the safety of ≥95% PFE, the comfort of an elastomeric face seal, cost savings compared to disposable masks and optional cloud-based inventory management, Precision AIR™ is truly the most advanced personal protective device.

Adjustable comfort straps

Ensures face seal is safe and solid.

Proprietary filters with Viraloc™ technology

Uses technology that provides superior breathability and filtration efficiency.

Disposable caps; 100% recyclable

Easy to use, easy on the environment.

Designed for safety, engineered for comfort

We believe that safety should not come at the cost of comfort, and have created a mask that fits the needs and faces of care providers.


Precision AIR™ has been tested and certified to meet CSA standards.

Inventory management technology

Patent-pending cloud-based inventory and clean-cycle tracking technology using Precision AIR Logix™ app.

Rigorously tested, ruggedly reliable

Our engineers have built a mask that can work as hard as you can. We’ve certified the performance of Precision AIR™ to NIOSH and CSA standards.

Saving cost

Designed for easy cleaning, Precision AIR™ is less expensive than disposable masks. One study has shown reusable masks more than 10x less expensive! Reduce waste; increase savings.

The personal solution for healthcare professionals

Our large custom filters allow greater air flow, which optimizes acoustic resonance so that your voice will be heard loud and clear while your face will remain cool and comfortable.

Single-use Procedural Masks

Our single-use procedural masks are designed to protect both the user and the surrounding environment by capturing expelled contaminants in its lightweight and disposable material.

Available in ASTM Level 1/2/3.

Made for comfort

Loose fitting with elastic ear loops


Easy to breathe through

Nose clip wire

Bendable, shape to fit

Nasopharyngeal Viral Test Swabs

We are able to manufacture, sterilize, and package 25,000 – 250,000 nasal swabs for viral testing per week.

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Martin Petrak

M.Sc. | P.Eng

President & CEO

Jay Singh


Chief Commercial Officer

Derek VanDenDriessche

B. Sc.

Director of Sales

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